Carnatic Music Basics

Basics are always the same for any form of music,Below are the foundation for indian music especially carnatic and hindustani.For more understanding of Carnatic music Basics, refer,




  • Sruthi is the sound produced ; the base with which other notes can be sung with this sruthi as reference.
  •  Laya is the rhythm by which the sound of music is systematically uttered.
  • Swara or Swaram tells us the way of notes flow.

Now,how to start understanding this base line to know my Sruthi? 
Base is 'Shadjamam'.On this base, we should be able to reach the flow of other notes.In other words,Mathematically, Consider your Shadjamam note as '0' on a scale of positive negative numbers. Count of any number is based from or to '0'.

In the same way Shadjamam acts as base sound and any notes higher or lower from,to the base sound flows.
Chosing your Sruthi is nothing but Chosing that sound on which you can comfortably reach all notes.

Everything in the universe has a source.And Music is one of many arts.We are lucky enough to be a human to be able to experience this beauty called 'art'.
There are different kinds of Music.Every form has its own precedence in beauty with other. Carnatic Music itself is taught and understood differently in different regions .
But for understanding any form of music,it is a must to know the basics. True that every guru tells you a new thing and that is because , music forms was read deeply in the ancient time by maha pandits which we are inheriting from ancestors and gurus generation after generation and enhancing depending on every one's interest and understanding of music.