Shruthi in Music

What is Shruthi in Music? Why is it important ? Answers for all your questions will be discussed here.Let's get into Shruthi notes.

We have a good understanding of what Shruthi Laya Swara is ,from earlier post of Carnatic Music Basics.
There are 7 Swaras,Sapthaswaras.

1. Sa (Shadjamam)

2. Re (Rishabamu)

3. Ga (Gandharamu)

4. Ma (Madhyamamu)

5. Pa (Panchamamu)

6. Dha  ( Daivathamu)

7. Ni ( Nishadamu).

These are the sapthaswaras.There are Dwadasa sruthulu.
  • Shadjamam (sa)
  • Shudha Rishabamu (re1)
  • Chathusruthi Rishabamu (re2)
  • Sadharana Gandharamu(ga1)
  • Antara Gandharamu (ga2)
  • Shudha Madhyamamu  (ma1)
  • Prathi Madhyamamu (ma2)
  • Panchamamu (pa )
  • Shudha daivatamu  (da1)
  • Chathusruthi daivatamu (da2)
  • Kaisiki Nishadamu (ni1)
  • Kakali Nishadamu (ni2)
Understanding these Dwadasa sruthulu is simple , theoritically :).For example sound of re2 is slightly near to sound of ga1,
Similarly da2 and na1 etc.

This is a brief introduction to ShruthiFor more information on this please refer