A Note on Friend's Birthday

I know this girl,with whom I used to travel in our Colony RTC bus everyday to school,intermediate college and in return to home.We were in a small colony with very few houses and only one RTC bus from&to colony then,so all the faces I see everyday are familiar to me ,so as this girl's.
The other day,in my schooling, due to my choir practice or study hours in the evening(I don't remember :D),I got late and when I was crossing road to reach bus stop,my bus was already there and I couldn't catch.Feeling Hopeless,started walking slow again when I saw this bus 100-200 feet away from me,stopped and this girl from window waving hand asking me to come get into the bus.
She fought with the driver and stopped the bus :D.And here is how I introduced myself to her and realized we stay in the same colony.Started with daily formal talks to hangouts,she brings a friend of her and introduces to me.And from here our fun never stopped.

She always sounded kiddish,fun loving,girl-with-zero-patience,always-active.This has been our taken-granted thought on her.BUT I have seen her handling, what not,everything!!If I were you,I would give up or would burst my anger/emotions/pain in all those situations.She is still kiddish,fun loving,active and on the other side,she goes through pressures,managing responsibilities ,all alone and shows everyone how matured she is.This girl is always a wonder to me.When I expect she surely would get irritated on me for doing something out of her expectation,to my wonder she takes it so easily :D.And when I feel comfortable breaking a rule she created,here she comes with all anger grin emoticon.She is not what she portrays :).Kiddish she talks,actions are matured.She is always there for people she knew or she doesn't,if they are in need.True,she expects the same from their close one's,but never shows her disappointment if we don't raise to her expectations.Easily forgives.Such a pure hearted girl with so much of care and understanding,very matured.I am happy you are married to your love who understands you more than anyone else and gifted with an angel as token of love :) .If I have to tell about you in a single word,I would say you are MY 'DEAREST friend'.
May god bless you with all the happiness,strength,Good health,Happy Times forever with your love,your family,your friends,life. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Dear Sravanthi :)  .With Luv Priya & Shanti

Friends :)