What is Music

We often hear that Raga,Tala,Swara are important in 'Music'.But What exactly is Raga? Tala? Swara?Does the meaning change from one form of music to another? Oh, and What is Music?


"Geetham vadhyamcha nruthyamcha trayam sangeetha muchyathe"

Song,Rhythm,Expression(through dance also) when combines ,is called Music(Sangeetham).


"RaagaSwarascha Talascha Thribhi Sangeetha muchyathe"

Raga,Swara,Tala together is called Music(Sangeetham)

Sruthi :

"Sruyantha ithi sruthayah"

Sthaayi or tone or notes (without highs-lows) that are soothing to ear is called Sruthi.

Example : sa - Pa - Sa   ( where sa represent lower shadjamam and 'Sa' ,higher)


"Swathoramjayati srothu chitham suswara vuchyathe"

And this is beauty --> Swa              - ram
                                        swayamuga  ranjimpachesedi is Swaram .

musical note
Musical note

7 swaras which are sa,re,ga,ma,pa,da,ni are called Sapthaswara.Each Swara has a name as discussed HERE

This isn't everything.There are some more carnatic music terms which explain the actual meaning of 'Music'.We will explore more in the next post. :)