Prince rama varma

Some years back when I was searching for tutorials on Thillanas ,I found Prince Rama Varma's Videos,disciple of Balamuralikrishna .I opened a video where he explains some voice tips based on gamakas,referring prathama dwithiya,thrithiya kalam(speed) practice of janta swaralu(janta varisai) and alamkarams.There is so much devotion in his voice that I continued listening to his other videos.I say devotion because whoever listens to his swara singing will not stop repeating those swaras with hi in whichever speed or how long the swaram is.At the end I realized how easier Prince Rama Varma makes classical music learning.Person with hardly any grip into Manodharma Sangeetham feels relieved after listening to his way of explaining.

I liked this article where he explains 'Why Music? Why Music by Prince Rama Varma
Music is divine
In relation to what I said ,here is the video,say sample of my description :)