AIR Recording

Becoming an AIR artist was always my dream.With the guidance of my guru and my uncle ,I decided to give an audition in Indian Music-Devotional ,in All India Radio,Vijayawada(AIR).Thankfully,I became B grade artist of AIR Vijayawada .This was almost 2 or even 3 years back,and now I get a post to my Hyderabad address that I have a few minutes of recording allotted on 5th of Jan , 10 am at AIR ,vijayawada.When asked the reason for delay in allotting the 1st recording, they said,there are many artists this year and seems like all this is dependent on budget too.(Competition /no ).

As usual, dad came all the way from hyderabad to vijayawada just to accompany me and boost up my confidence.Frankly speaking, my recording was not up to mark.I had to select any three devotional/light music songs.And they are,

  1. Paluke bangaramayena - ramadasu keertana
  2. nanati bathuku natakamu in revathi ragam
  3. Jayadevuni ashtapadi - anilatarala kuvalayanayanena
I realized my mistakes and my satisfaction levels were going down but I met this person, Modumudi Sudhakar , a top grade carnatic vocalist,working as grade 1 music composer in AIR vijayawada(I read about him after coming back home) who was so simple,and had been encouraging me during the whole performance.He said its not necessary to record again,this is fine,you don't worry' :) .Its not about how I sang but the way he carries himself and doesn't show off,smiles always,I am very impressed.
Modumudi Sudhakar
Modumudi Sudhakar

Through this program,I came across few more artists and it was good to be part of conversation with them.